Model Perkins 804C – 33T
Number of cylinders - Injection 4
Max. power 55 kW (75 Zs)
Regimen adjusted 2600 rpm
Cooling Water
Fuel tank capacity 70 l
Max. speed 30 km/h
Hydrostatic transmission at closed circuit, with automatic adjustment of power, axial pistons pump and engine at variable displacement Inching pedal control.
Manual selection of working speed.
2 forward and 2 backward speeds, electrical control on the steering wheel.
Front axle Steering and oscillating of a 200 total range
Rear axle steering and fixed to the chassis, with automatic proportional self-locking differential.
Duty brakes disk on the transmission shaft with hydraulic feeding pedal control.
Pakring brakes disk on the transmission shaft, manually operated.
Hydraulic system
Composed by: hydraulic gear pump, modular distributor with principal shockproof and anticavitation valve. Pressurised circuit.
Max pump capacity 74 l
Max pump pressure 210 Kg/cm2
Loader lifting cylinder 70 x 600 mm
Loader bucket cylinder 75 x 400 mm
Oil tank capacity, circuit included 80 l
Servoassisted, with hydroguide, on all 4 wheels. The hydraulic system is “Load Sensing” equipped.
Steering systemat 3 functions 2 front steering wheels 4 steering wheels „CRAB”
Steering radius interior tyres 1230 mm
Standard 12,5 – R18 12Pr
Optional 12,5 x 20 10Pr 400/70 – R20
Standard bucket capacity 0,75 m3
Standard bucket width 1900 mm
Lifting capacity at max height 2450 kg
Type PRE 38
Max digging depth 3650 mm
Max dump height 2900 mm
rotation angle 180 0
Dimensions and weights
Grouns clearance 375 mm
Front and rear track width 1490 mm
Max operating weight 6000 kg