Mini-tractor BELARUS - 132H
Mini-tractor BELARUS-132H
Suitable to perform soil ploughing, harrowing, cultivating, potato and beet processing, grass moving, cargo transportation and also performing different kind of work with harness arbor lead.
Good to be used in small working areas, on school gardens and other gardens, on vegetable gardens of individual and collective use, in green-houses, at home and other.
The wheel formula is 4x4. 
Nominal engine capacity - 9,6 kW/13 Hp 
Crankshaft revolution at the nominal capacity - 3600 rev./min.
Fuel specific consumption at the nominal regime 313 g/kW.h.
Fuel – 95E
The running system – an electric starter and a manual starter. 
Engine HONDA GX390
Constructive tractor weight, kg: 457
Nominal traction, kN 2,0
Number of gearing
Forward 4
Backward 3
Speed, km/h:
a) forward
            1) minimal 2,83
            2) maximal 17,72
b) backward
             1) minimal 4,03
             2) maximal 12,94
Height form the ground, mm 270
Transverse base , mm 700
Base, mm 1030
Turning radius at a minimal transverse base, m: 2,5
Dimensions, mm
Length 2500
Withdraw (when transverse base is 630 mm) 1000
Height  2000