Trailer 2ZKT (6,5/ 5,5/ 4,5)

Trailer range has been designed for use in the transportation of various agricultural loads on all types of roads and in the field. Also, it can be used to transport of bulk cargoes, except rocks and cobblestone.


Trailer 2ZKT -6,5 is designed for exploitation in various climatic conditions at ambient temperatures  from -40 ° C  to + 40 ° C.

This trailer is used in conjunction with wheel-type tractors model of class 1,4 – 3,0 (tons-force).


Tecnical data of 2ZKT-6,5:


Load capacity, kg, no more: 6 500
Load volume (include the main sides), м³, no more: 8,0
Loading space , m², no less: 9,45
Number of axles, pcs. 2
Track width, m, max 2,0
Maximum speed , km / h 40
Allowable total weight , kg, not more 2000
The distribution of mass between the axles, kg, no more:
– Front axle 5100
– Rear axle 4300
Dimensions (with drawbar), mm, no more:
– Length 6120
– Width 2410
– Height 2400
Tipping system 3-side
Ground clearance, mm, not less 300
Sidewall height , mm, more 800
Loading height, mm, no more:
– On the floor of the body 1250
– On the sides 1800
Body lifting angle (tilt the platform floor), degrees
– When unloading ago 45
– When unloading on the side 45
Completeness of unloading,%, no less 99
Time of lifting body, seconds 30
Operating pressure in the hydraulic system, MPa 16
Brake Type Pneumatic, single-wire on the front axle
Type of brake Drums
Parking brake system Mechanical with manual transmission
Body interior dimensions, mm
– Length 4060
– width 2330