Communal Machine – B-KM
Produced for snow shoveling works on public roads, squares and pavements with a hard covering (also possible to clear from sand and dust), also permissible for leveling non-solid ground and garbage removal. The base equipment consist of a shovel with a rubber blade and a communal sweeper.
Snow ploughs and sweepers available in various performances.
Model B-KM
Type with snow blade and sweeper
Base chassis capacity – 81 hp
(Fresh)snow-blowing speed , m2/h 21600
Maximum working width, mm:
Blade 2500-3000
Sweeper 2100
Blade turning angle, degr. 30
Brush mounting angle, degr. 30
Maximum depth of blown snow in one pass, mm 500
Motion speed, km/h:
Operating 12
Permissible transport 25
Overall dimensions in transport state, mm
Length 6155
Width 2500
Height 2940
Brush speed, rpm 250 (with 540-rpm pto)
Operating weight, kg 5040