Motoblock BELARUS-09H
Suitable to perform light soil ploughing, harrowing, cultivating, potato and beet growing processing, grass moving, cargo transportation and to perform different works with harness arbor lead.
Engine  GX270 (Honda)
Motoblock weight, kg  145
Nominal traction, kN 1,0 (100)
Number of gearings forward/backward  4/2
Speed, km/h:
a) forward 2,6/11,4
b) backward 3,0/5,35
Height from the ground, mm 295
Transverse base, mm 450, 600, 700 
Dimensions, mm 1780x846x1070
Full weight of the trailer to be transported, kg 650
Nominal engine capacity, kW(Hp) 6,6 (9)
Crankshaft revolution, rev./min. 3600
Fuel specific consumption at a nominal regime, g/kW.h 319
Fuel 95E