With the G2200E and G2200E-Xtra the manufacturer TOBROCO-GIANT (Netherlands) is introducing its first electric wheel loaders, which we are ready to order for our clients.

The G2200E combines the best of both worlds with the advantages of a articulated loader and near silent operation without emissions. The electric loader is ideal for working in buildings, between animals or on construction sites in urban areas.

The G2200E is standard equipped with a 260 Ah, 48V lithium-ion battery that fills the space where traditionally the engine van be found. With two separate electric motors, 6.5 kW for propulsion and 12 kW for the working hydraulics, there is always sufficient power to carry out work precisely. Furthermore, the machine regenerates energy when the machine rolls out or drives down hill. With a lifting height of 2.85 meters and lifting capacity of 1,650 kg, the G2200E is perfect to use when the height is important.

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